@Bryan2075 @Xarfax51 what makes a professional is not their ability to be right all the time but their ability to control the wrongs. You proved on your initial post that you aren’t one. At the risk of giving away to much. I know what my max loss is. Bankruptcy although unlikely and not probable is possible. It always is. Therefore I feel that I can over the next few years according to the quarterly chart make a reward that is a multiple of my ultimate risk. In the unlikely event of bankruptcy I will have been wiped out of my 3% exposure of my account on this position. Can that loss be made up on one of my other 6 bets within the cannabis industry within that timeframe. Clearly you know what the answer is. You know you remind of the people that were laughing at me when I bought bidu in late 08. Or amzn early 09 Or yhoo on their new ceo. In 10 years I will be pushing 50. 20 years of short term trading has worn be down. Good luck to you Bryan. Don’t be short for too long :)