$PPBT The negativity on here is unbelievable. I know we been holding for a while but being in business myself I know that things take time, sometimes a long time. To personally attack someone is ridiculous, do you think Isaac is in business just to screw everyone over. This man is in a position to possibly change the world on cancer and we sit here hollering and screaming calling him names and harassing his employees expecting for our stock to go through the roof. This is insane, sit back, relax, and let the man do the job that he is obviously capable of doing. Remember the old saying "Things come to those who are patient"
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@Meeks91 @Martinlasky3 @Blasance @Bschnell88 Business changes day to day and you have to adapt and move to the new conditions that are presented to you. Yes there are requirements that these types of business have to comply to and I don't think Isaac or Purple has missed on any of those reporting requirements. I still believe that Isaac has our best interest, hell he has quite a few shares of his own that is dependent on this company. All I am is saying is let the man do his job