$SPCE Blue Origin is set to conduct another test launch of its New Shepard rocket, (Blue Origin is Virgin Galactic competitor) This is a reusable vehicle designed to take paying tourists to the edge of space and back. Just like New Shepard test flights of the past, no people will be on board this trip, but the rocket will be carrying a dozen research payloads to space for NASA. Today’s test will mark the 13th launch of the New Shepard program and the seventh overall flight for this particular rocket. But it’s been a long time since the New Shepard fleet has seen any action, with the last test flight (featuring the same rocket launching today) taking place back in December 2019. Now, after the long downtime, New Shepard appears ready to fly again, with multiple experiments in tow to be tested out in space. Typically, these experiments ride inside the crew capsule, perched on top of the rocket, but NASA experiment will actually remain mounted to the outside of the rocket.
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