my bio says "I trade the fear in stocks" but it too has its limits, example $I when you're this far in debt theres no sense in dropping any amount of money in here just due to the fact that you can lose it at a moment's notice when the U.S National Banks decide to place their thumb on it. "I trade the fear when there's 80% chance of making Money than losing it with $I at 11% . Like with $ADXS 90% chance you can make some money with ADXS I'll trade with them any day of the week just due to the fact I already know what they bring to the table. $I nope I won't do it. If big timers like $SRAC aren't looking at them I'm not wasting my time and energy. I'm here to make Money not Lose it. Look at the debt $I has accumulated over the years and then to top it off the very next page has over 52 unknown delinquencies with unknown origins. In this fear I'm running. I'm out the door. Verizon or Not I'm gone. Peace!!