$DARE Noone is shorting this. There are around 2m shares short. Why do people insist on believing in conspiracies. They are diluting from their ATM Shelf. Same story we all know and hear on every call. Nothing new. It's not a bad thing either. Soon they will announce + results and hopefully a partnership. Let's stop with all the MM manipulation mumbo. Magic fairies floating watching dare. Clearly this thing gets little to no volume. It's a diamond in the rough. Be patient she is about to wake up. Go bulls!
$DARE We are only a few weeks away from FDA approval of best in class BV1 and the idiots MM have driven the price down so low in highly oversold territory that has demoralized investors to the point where there are hardly any volume. The number of watchers has decreased along with it. Given what DARE has achieved with its timeline and other progress in its ENORMOUS pipeline, we should be trading in the $2-$2.5-0 at this point.
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