$CCIV Somebody actually told me they believe that Lucid will have cars on the road by Summer 2021, believing that is when mass production will begin. I then asked them what the crash test rating of the lucid air was... I haven't heard back from them.
@BuddyKen sadly none of the bulls care about delivering cars. They are to busy posting rocket ship emolji's. You can't fix the stupidity in here but it's so fun to rattle the bee hive.
@traderjoe1313 I swung the hype here 3 times now, averaging a 24.4% gainer each time. Considering it again for Monday morning. I justify taking money from these people by trying to genuinely educate as many as I can, but I mostly get mocked and blocked. I've tried several different methods from straight fact, to outright sarcasms, gentle caressing, to straight insulting, even combos of some. I get there are SEVERAL levels of ignorance here, that respond to different approaches. Not trying to bat the behive, just trying to wake a few drones up before the inevitable colony collapse is all. I've even made a meme