$TLRY please let me buy some more shares this week before it hits dat ON$ hundo. I’m contemplating doubling my portfolio position. There’s one other thing to remember, legalization does not happen over night. It took Michigan 2 years after the fact their state legalized; to open their first recreational store. I think Illinois may have been one year after. That being said, I hope it’s all somewhat correct, there’s money to be made in patience with this stock. Don’t be nervous holding shares $20 and below right now, this is about to get VOLATILITY, and if you’re a holder, just remember where we sit price wise TODAY, and don’t try to begin averaging upward is my opinion, until a few weeks or even months, if you feel you have a nice position that is. Stay put, but it’s hard. Enjoy your “earnings”, sell if you must. Do not FOMO....but buying now, probably guarantees that at some point you will rise above today’s price...at some point. Best luck to all.