$AAOI - Run has slowly started. Our 2020 PT is $30 but wouldn't be surprised if stock hits that $ as early as March - April. Reasons we are loading up >>> 5G - Telco - Data - Speed - Amazon AWS - Microsoft Azure - Tesla.....Recent new clients wins !! AOI is a supplier to Tesla $TSLA which barely some knows about and also other big names like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, etc. Many marquee customers. Many new contract wins in last qtr as seen from earnings pr. Classic turnaround story. Very low float that is heavily short sold. DE Shaw recently took 5% equity stake eliminating decent chunk from already scarce float. Don't forget this stock was close to $100 just a few years ago. New 5G deployment and data centers enhancements/build - New applications / New products to drive massive demand in 2020 and further. Lucrative takeout target too given attractive valuation. Strong Buy. - imho
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