$SAVA It now looks like the CEO Remi DID buy more stock since his last insider purchase of 100,000 shares at 5.53 pps on 12/31/19. He then had a total of 1,068,855 million shares. streetinsider.com/SEC+Filin... The LATEST form from Friday 2/7/20 states he now has 1,924,247 shares. sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data... I VERY highly doubt he was just granted 855,392 shares as just stock options. This looks like more insider buying from the CEO. The Schedule 13G from Friday pm is just a requirement for all public company CEOs to report yearly. A form 4 should hit Monday/Tuesday (SEC Required within 2 business days after the purchases), if this is insider buying rather than options. We will see...
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