$PULM t The last 100 insider trades consist of 15.83 million shares bought and 8.56 thousand shares sold with the last being 171 days ago when Varadan was awarded the option of buying 30,000 shares upon taking a director seat. He exercised the right and bought them. Just another bullish indicator folks. This one is insiders indicating huge upside potential for PULM. Shhhhh, don't Vudumb, k? He thinks he's on a run.
@ony2k @BullJ316 The question isn't how many shares you may have but how high your tolerance to loses are? So I'll assume you have 1 million shares at average of .48. How would you feel if the price went to .20 then a RS of lets say 1:10. Your $480K (approx) investment is now worth $50K. You would need the price to move to $10 to break even. Options purchased before RS have whats called "Being made whole" meaning the options contract is modified so that the holder is neither negatively nor positively affected by the corporate action.
@Petro23 @ony2k I am expecting 1 or 2 more pumps before any RS. Besides my average is great. I am not worried about my investment, as I have made 100% gains with PULM 3 times. Again Onyman info is incorrect. Insider ownership is less than 2%.
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