$SGMO One scientist calls upon God to tell him; “God, we don’t need you anymore. We’ve reached such levels of consciousness and technological advancements that we can continue without you. Look, we’re even capable of creating a human with some mixtures of minerals in the soil. That is now easy as $CRSP $EDIT $NTLA . So we don’t need “A Creator” to explain the existence of humanity.” God responded to him; “That is very interesting, can you show me what’s the mixtures.” The cocky scientist tells him, “Look we grab from the soil the minerals that construct part of the human body, we mix them, we then add certain chemicals, a powerful microelectrical current. And done!” Simple as $ARKG God the tells him; “Show me then.” The scientist quickly bends to the ground to pick up a handful of soil, but God stops him and tells him; “Hey, Hey! You first have to create your own soil.”