$NAK Just like to say that it’s nice to see a new class of longs here who take the time to do real research, come to reasonable conclusions (whether good OR bad for their long positions), share those findings and ideas amongst themselves and, most importantly, who aren’t afraid to give a big FUCK YOU to the haters, naysayers, idiots, FUD spreaders and NRDC shills. I still feel that y’all should keep your DD off of this infected joke of a forum and find a way to talk amongst yourselves but to each his own. Too many times I’ve seen the opposition use information gleaned from this board to write their hit pieces. 22k watchers on this board. You can bet your bottom dollar Joel Reynolds, Taryn Kiekow Heimer, Trout Unlimited, Dylannnn, that nutty Swedish quack, Mr. Hurley, Margie, a whole slew of Washingtonians and Californicaters, salmon slayers, crooked politicans and keyboard warriors will be found among those watchers. Just remember, you’re not alone and they’re always manipulating. ✌🏻
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