$CLOQ Straight talk it doesn't seem like straight talk when you are all over the place telling different tales of the tape. If you read through your earlier posts just a few weeks ago you kept touting consolidation in the 40's going higher to 75 cents then going to a $1 in 30 days then $2 and going on Nasdaq longer term and so on. That was with very little clarity or news. You said you bought at 8 cents up to 28 cents now it's 18 and 22 cents. Which one is it? Does that mean you sold the stock you bought at 8 cents ? Just seems a little odd that you were posing as a long termer now it's 90 days or you are moving on with the bridge club 15? What happened to change your opinion? Doesn't appear to be any negative events. Consistency is vital and anyone all over the map like this loses all credibility. Are you just a pumper and dumper or an investor that takes positions in companies? After looking at all those posts and now sounds like BS talk