$NIO guy's I personally think that nio is the only long term buy compared to $XPEV and $LI, as firstly xpev is much further away in making a net profit also they are not really a premium brand, it's more of a comparison with the model 3, as you can see from last months delivery numbers it actually was down from month on month, also the major thing is that both li auto and xpev are both in the same range where their is huge competition with not only tesla but a huge amount of other Chinese eV manufacturers. With li auto, its actually a Hybrid vehicle not a EV, this is wher NIO however has brand identity, its much more than a eV, its like a cult following, nio's market is premium however due to the battery swapping and baas its becoming more affordable. NIOs customers are more interested in the premium quality service than the EV aspect of the product.
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@Shazad768 li is not exactly a hybrid. It more niche. It charge the battery at real time 👍👍👍 extended range ev. I will prefer this during a ice to ev transition era .due to limited charging infrastructure.
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