$NNDM Something that has stuck with me here is when cathie said. “We look where defense contractors are putting their money” NNDM works with 2 of the top 10 US defense agencies. Someone invested 500M at $12.80 a share. Multiple LOIs on the table. Cash value of 1.5B is $6 this is a short attack haven right now swarmed with bears and day traders. A lot of people have been shaken out many have lost money here or are bagholding. I didn’t sell at $18 I didn’t sell at $6.50 why sell now. So many things wrong with the stock price it’s obvious. Unfortunately more and more of you will get shaken out it might be another long month for us but why did you invest here in the first place. Nothing has changed I won’t be surprised to see this at $12 within a month or two.