$NIO $30 billion evaluation with less than 5,000 vehicles delivered last month. Idk when but this will correct soon and ill be there to scoop up the shares.
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@cuthroatpablo i have a feeling its more than that. This company has the same marketing stradegy that Tesla did. we all know nio and tesla will be the i want a "tesla" or "nio" if you look at the CIO.. (iyer) he is in charge of Nio right now. he used to be Tesla's CIO and was in charge of marketing between 2012-2016. the stock went from 30-200 a share. thats the same trajectory i predict for nio. i know the ceo is important for the face.. but its the people in charge who actually get it done and make it happen. i invested more in nio when i learned of this. i looked it up for some weird reason and im glad i did.