$AMP.X Waste of sperm lowlife broke braindead burnout millennials, this is crypto. Long term investment. STFU & GTFO. Simple. Im super chilling I know what I hold… 45,017 @ 0.696 AVG LFG . 🚀🪐 PT EASY VERY SHORT TERM .50 - $3. THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING! Thanksgiving Stockmarket closed, IT HIT 0.0783 5 AM EST yesterday. It just got listed yesterday on 3 different wallets on Binance, the world’s biggest crypto exchange. MANY CATALYSTS IMMINENT! Regal movie theaters started accepting it as payments, next $AMZN & $SHOP, any day now it’s imminent! Especially now Thanksgiving/Black Friday , Christmas/New Years. It only make’s sense these rumors become a reality. 42B coins . 67% of supply is staked. Only 13B is available. Let this sink in. Others have a little less (30B+) are at .70+
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