$IDEX Saw this on one of their news so if they say on one of the articles that 80% of public transportation taxi and etc will be focusing on ev shit and that will start 2021.... and this news on their page too with amazon van?? does that mean they have a big influence about this one... plus knowing they have partenered with some of the famous ev shit in china.... tots?
@BullishPaosie Do you guys even know the amount of money, man power and time it would involve to develop a car? They don't have any of those. Their market cap is 1/10 of what it takes to develop ONE car. Look at their management team, do you see any relevant background experience? They are a bunch of regular crooks.
@STKTJC @BullishPaosie plus revenue is growing up fast for a penny stock plus focusing on ev's partenered with a big industry in china or possibilty with hyundai too... its a sleeping giant.. 2021 or this december should be interesting