$NIO Newbie traders. smdh. lol. Your accounts get wiped out because you are greedy. You believe in companies that do not have the same interests as you, and then you buy stock at irrationally exuberant prices. The Chinese gov't owns the local gov't that owns NIO. The Chinese do not give a shit about U.S. shareholders... or even Chinese shareholders for that matter. This stock has been pumped up when the fair value is actually below $2 per share. "But, but, but... the future!" is what you say... the future, if the global economy doesn't collapse, will be filled with competition from both hydrogen and EV auto companies. Global pandemics that shut down the economies of entire nations for long periods of time are devastating events. People have been living on government debt/stimulus that has now run out. Governments are broke... and economies are screwed. Fantasy land stocks like NIO are the first to get crushed... and they get crushed the hardest because there is no substance here.
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