$NIO Only in the latter stage of a bull market does a garbage company like NIO with horrible financials attract gamblers. This is a "story stock" with disastrous fundamentals. Worse, the financials are another Chinese scam that does not recognize GAAP standards. The average income of a Chinese worker is ONLY $3,500. This can never be Tesla. Only Tesla can be Tesla. NIO will be crushed in China by XPEV, who is on the low end now... which is exactly the right strategy in China. XPEV will dominate the low end, then enter into the high end to crush NIO. If you want to play the Chinese EV market... really dumb idea as the economy is a house of cards based upon complete fraudulent accounting and unsustainable debt... but XPEV is the better play, not NIO. NIO is overbought now going into a global bear market of increasing virus and broke governments who can't afford stimulus... this includes the U.S. This is the top of the market now. SELL. Garbage stocks like NIO will get crushed first.
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