$JMIA Bizarre to compare this flaming dumpster fire to Zoom. Zoom thrived in the U.S. market, the most affluent market on Earth. JMIA is where? Africa, the most financially-challenged continent on Earth. Aren't you asking why nobody has tried this business model in Africa, a full 30 years! after AMZN started in the U.S.? Shocker: Africa's dismal financials and depressed economies cannot sustain ANY business model like JMIA's failing gamble. Stupid management never had a snowball's chance in Africa hell. Confused why losses are huge, cash burn is unsustainable, and growth is decelerating rapidly while analysts slash 2021 revenues? Unbelievable that you greedy pigs sit in chat rooms like this pumping each other up like its a pep rally. You are the greedy pigs about to get slaughtered in a crashing market. JMIA is the #1 short in the entire market. Sell now. Short now.
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