$XSPA INFO for those who just got here: 1) Our new CEO is the ex VP of starbucks who helped them expand during hard times 2) We have added the ceo of BIG SPACE SHIP to our board of directors, whos clients are YouTube, Starbucks, Converse, JetBlue, King, Google, Hasbro, Bloomberg 3) we justadded Doctor Lewis Lipsey as First Chief Medical Director for Its XpresTest Subsidiary 4) we just got awarded a 5 million dollar grant for payroll 5)* we just filed a trademark saying that basicly we are going to be a full blown urgent are and testing for covid-19 6) *patent also say internet sales 7) we have air port locations with almost no competitors plus we will be expanding out of airports 8) now hiring clical covid19 testers pr website
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