$OCGN So, this is the low-key really big thing. So apparently according to India's AIIMS IIMS Director Dr. Randeep Guleria believes that the vaccine may produce antibantibodies for up to 8 months. He mentions this would be huge asset because the norm is 3-5 months. If all vaccines are only good for 1 year protection, that means additional doses every. Which I think is beneficial in a strictly economic sense. Annual Vaccine means demand remains high, which means more annual profit and possibly higher stock price. I'm not an expert stocks. I'm not giving advice. Just sharing my thoughts. I may be too optimistic but I think that this could hit ridiculous numbers if 1. Data backups the hype 2. Antibodies are as high or higher than others 3. We get EUA approval before summer... but who knows. Good luck to everyone but the shorts & bears. 🙏🏼