$INO the tone of this board is so whiny and pathetic --- it is clear that some of you cannot stop watching the ticker and have nothing else going on. Here is some perspective -- the DoD is fully funding the remaining path for INO4800 -- the media (which no one trusts) is touting several other vaccines. Why do you believe what they are force-feeding you here? If the people "in the know" are aware of what INO actually represents, do you believe that they would just come on TV and tell you? OF COURSE they want to pump the others-----just like they will be the first to exit when it leaks that these other vaccines are NOT the answer. BTW -- Tomorrow, our scam, bullshit, company with the POS CEO and no science is revealing the BEST EVER treatment for the MOST DEADLY form of BRAIN CANCER. Please sell to the tutes and GTFO --- we are all better off without you.
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