$VIR So tomorrow we've got these potential PRs to look forward to. Have not paid much attention to the siRNA VIR-2218 since HBsAg responses in similar RNAi have the same/similar dose-response pattern (from Arrowhead's to Arbutus'). Andrew Vaillant, the CSO of Replicor Inc, made some good points about where RNAi could be limited in treating HBV, and has pointed out that the real MoA of RNAi HBsAg reduction isn't well-understood. That being said, I hope VIR-2218 +/- Peg IFNa has some good results. If they happen to have functional cure data, I'm guessing it will at least double that of Peg IFNa monotherapy (with Peg IFNa being something like 7% and 2218+Peg IFNa possibly being 14%). The more efficacy, the better, but the real secret sauce is in VIR-3434 imo.