$OCGN you guys need to start securing your profits when things are going vertical check RSI at the very least, don’t get greedy. If you are “underwater” you need to add and swing it. Sell the added portion for profit and wait... wait as long as you have to just get in again when oversold and swing it again. Remove the FOMO... and be aggressive/ learn the basic technicals. Before investing check—— Time under $1 (is there delisting risk /reverse split?) Cash on hand? Will there be further dilution? How are basic technicals, trendlines RSI , MACD? What is the cash value share price? Is the stock trading lower than cash value? Do the research and work hard at it, learn from your mistakes... I have learned a lot of painful lessons so hopefully this can help someone...I hate seeing people so beat down. Good Luck everyone and enjoy Thanksgiving- spend time with family!
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