I was hit by a drunk driver in March 2019 had 3 surgeries on left shoulder and need another. I will not subject myself to that again. It works OK but I can`t lift heavy`s . But I guess by the grace of God I was hit by scientist That works for one of the top 3 big Pharma`s and they paid for his rental car need I say more I don`t need to work and I don`t need this stock to make me $. I thought it was a good play and still do. I hope you have a good attorney and a good recovery... God Bless Robert
@Butty798 @BBMO yes, that's what the amino acids and assorted vitamin/mineral cocktails are for. I was t-boned by a truck that didn't stop.. totalled the Jag, my legs and back. Titanium fortune in me now 🤣 Learned to walk again but my spine was still messed up so the Drs (supposedly) fixed it. Honestly, I feel worse than before the surgery.
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