$BLUE - been keeping my eye on this one. Seems like it may have found its bottom around $28 even. I entered right before market close yesterday. $SOS - when your avg is just over $3 you don’t need “diamond hands” or complain about pullback. 2 days ago I sold enough to recoup my initial investment @12.50 a share. So, I still have the majority of my position. Guess what. All of those shares I hold are “free”. If this goes to $0 I still haven’t lost money. Mind set is good and all, but eliminating 100% of RISK is better. $GEVO - SMH if you sell this for a loss, no matter what your average is, you shouldn’t be trading. Catalyst is imminent. Huge buy opportunity PM and it’s already gone. $TRIT - we’ve seen it so this same price action a couple weeks ago. Almost hit $9 and eventually ranked back to $8. Remember this is a low floater. Easy for the MM’s to manipulate this. However, the upside is when it moves it’s gonna be 💨 I’m still here waiting for $14