$WKHS well everyone. looks like I’m not quitting my job. back to nothing. I had 700 March 60 calls that were the majority of my portfolio. the decision makes absolutely no sense. a picture of a gas vehicle won the award. Oshkosh doesn’t even know where they’ll build them yet. I’m in utter disbelief. Production not starting for another 2 years. I had to leave work early today when the contract dropped. This doesn’t even feel real. Nor does it feel right. If you’re in shares I wouldn’t be too worried. I was all in on calls and was at one point up 500k and didn’t take some profits (I should’ve have in the 40s)... I’ve lost it all (made and lost 800k in 2 months last year and have been battled back with 10k after) before and battled with depression after for awhile. This shit hurts and if you’re not feeling well please seek some professional help or reach out to family or friends or do what you need to do to take care of yourself. I can’t believe I was wrong about this. Much love everybody
@ArvidTrading A lot of hurt out there. Don't trade with rent money and have a fallback plan. This hurt. There is always tomorrow though. In our case there is literally a congressional hearing with DeJoy front and center. Gonna be some explaining to do. Y'all are gonna wanna be around for that!
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