@CCAbbott @aliliimr I completely agree on humanitarian grounds that people [especially poor and developing world] shouldn't be burdened with recurring vaccines. However, my observation was purely from business/revenue model perspective. Quite likely, there will be revenue streams in years to come from other vaccine products as well as "injectable-to-oral conversion" contracts from other companies. I will have to set expectations accordingly.
@Nik_CA @aliliimr >>"injectable-to-oral conversion" contracts from other companies<< I don't envision this scenario. What my prior post described is for example all the people who are currently vaccinated with injectables [PFE, MRNA or JNJ] shot will likely NEED to have a booster shot within 12 months, per PFE and MRNA CEOs. If that is the case, these people mostly likely will choose, imo, to take VXRT's oral vaccine, if available by then, instead of taking a third shot of PFE & mRNA vaccine or second JNJ's shot. It's people's choice, and NOT by the companies that develop their own booster injectable or new injectable against the new variants.