$ADXS You guys keep your heads up! Believe it and achieve it....together we can succeed, divided we fall. We must stay united and combine our shares and passions into one, to overcome the evil CEO we have been dealt. If we all stick together....they can't order us to do shit! Just remember that. If we all stick together we will win!! If they divide us, we will lose, simple as that. I know the only way they can divide and weed us out is by running this thing up...until longs start selling and giving them fresh meat (shares/votes) that are not organized as a group to defeat the merger. The other option is to bring us a better deal, like 50-50 or us 75% and BioSight 25%. There is no way in hell they will get the yes votes from any of us old seasoned shareholders, not after April bullshit he pulled. STay on path, keep your focus, and be ready to vote no to this bullshit! You all have a good weekend. Relax and enjoy your family. Rest your body and mind....prepare for war on Monday!