I see you went balls deep, I guess fight my gut feelings on this....ive lost alot more money being paranoid than I have being greedy...I just see way too many upsides especially and there's alot of big players investing in this.... if it hits .30 its only because of positive results on the line logging. We already they hit oil. We already its more than they predicted ( pr releases ) so I personally think that positive line logging results is stage 2 of a 6 step program.... I think covering initial would be your safest bet but if your million deep your already up 200% and have pulled out already and playing with 88 money now ? No ?
@CJRich77 I'm all in on this one so it's not like I got 20k shares and hoping for $6 target price that makes absolutely no sense. I wanna at least triple my seed money and then ride it out risk free.
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