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      Nancy Miller Official Account
      Financial journalist writing about startups and the intersection of technology and finance. Retired ice hockey mom. Dog lover.
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      noam h
      Futures Trader Based on Market Profile and Market Internals. Swinger and a former Major in the Special Forces.
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      Paul Harper
      ex - Navy, Telco, Pat. Now working in online media on Emerging Markets. Husband to Maria father to Angus (yes, I'm a Jock)
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      Lee Noles
      Age 40 Owner of LH Noles & Co Inc. (Commercial Construction) S & P Futures Trader. Grew up in Smyrna, GA Married to Maria-Teacher; 2 Kids -Parker 10, Anna-8. FUN FACTS: Went to High School with Julia Roberts. Discovered John Mayer.
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      Bill Henner
      30 year financial industry vet. Long time floor trader at the CME and CBOT Now a market analyst, educator and trader.
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      Manic Trader
      Day Trader, Web site owner and Founder of ManicTraders LLC. I love to chart stocks and post picks for members and alerts at no charge.. I am neither licensed nor qualified to provide investment advice. For a Full Disclaimer
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      Maniac Razer
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      Make_ Markets
      The advent and progression of emerging economies, derivatives, and other foolishness make markets more complete and competitive in a brave new globalized world
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      Alan Rohrbach Official Account
      Ex-trader/broker turned institutional advisor/educator 30 years ago. Experience sez 'Macro' rules; use all tools. More at website 'About Us' and 'Interviews'
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      Luis Santos
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      Edward Harrison
      Founder of Credit Writedowns, finance blogger, former credit guy, ex-tech exec
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      Duff LuFree
      Ship's Janitor
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      Derry Brown
      ETF trader, numbers dork and mechanical systems engineer. Loves investing, the stock market, talking business, boxing, fitness, travel and adventures.
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      Harry van Beuningen
      Veteran trader who lives to ride a bicycle
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      I'm a renaissance man in a world of specialists. I've studied mkts for 20 years, actively applying chaos theory, fractals, and imbalance analysis to the mkts. Learning so much each day via Stocktwits that this bio will likely be outdated next week!
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      Christopher Huff
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      Lon Lieberman
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      Jason W.
      Born, lived, to be continued...
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      Charlie Amadeus
      Hedonic Buddhist, Anarcho-Socialist Singularitarian & Cryptopaclypse Evangelist. Head Honcho @