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    CME Group Official Account Joined Sep 08, 2009

    The world's most diverse financial marketplace made up of CME, CBOT, NYMEX, COMEX and KCBT. Follow us for global economic and financial news.


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      Founder of Buy Side Design. Creator of extraordinary experiences for clients. Derivatives professional with history on the Chicago trading floors.
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      Intelligent Speculator
      just a guy who makes a living observing the world, creating theories and testing them against the markets
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      Guillermo Campoamor
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      Hans Blok
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      David Putnam
      Lead product experience for LifeLock, and real estate for retirement. Alumni of Fantex, Yahoo! Finance, Microsoft, and StockTwits.
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      Philadelphia Fed Research
      The Research Department at the Philadelphia Fed releases publications that cover topics on banking and financial markets, forecasting, and the regional economy.
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      Philadelphia Fed
      The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia serves eastern Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey, and Delaware.
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      Martha Ben-Michael
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      Arthur H. Lamborn V
      COMEX/NYMEX/CME Member ---- Former COMEX floor trader in the Gold and Copper pits, now trading on CME GLOBEX
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      mizanur rahman
      i am trader from india trading mainly in commodity futures
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      Suri Duddella Official Account
      Suri Duddella, 20+ years full-time Futures/Equities/Options Trader. Patterns based Algorithmic Trading. Author -- "Trade Chart Patterns Like The Pros" book. Automated Pattern Galleries/Research/Blog:
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      Raul Jimenez
      Applied iCinDER(tm)! Creator of iCinDER Technical Analysis Indicators! Market Analysis of markets. Dow, SP500, Gold, Oil, Euro futures, Market Timing.
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      Trade Confluence
      Trading Futures and FX daily.We look for confluence in the market and make our own Confluence Zone Charts for 6 markets.Download them for free as MT4 TEMPLATES
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      George Hamilton
      And just like that...he reappears.
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      Discovery Trading Group
      A unique dojo run by a group of professional prop traders/quant developers providing mentorship to futures traders. Trading pure price & volume based on market structure & orderflow. Fully annotated chart examples daily for members
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      YCharts Official Account
      The Financial Terminal of the Web.
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      ADM Investor Services, Inc. AD
      For more than 40 years, ADM Investor Services has been a leader in the futures brokerage industry. Our branches and affiliates are located around the globe, and provide clients with unparalleled futures trading services around the clock.
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      joe donohue Official Account
      Worked on Wall St. for 25 years. Retail, institutional, hedge funds. Founder of the best Premium equity site on Wall St. Become a member at
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      Barry Ritholtz Official Account