$CYTH Casa_Del_Termite_Snackbar Getting ready to move out for the “one remodel job to rule them all.” This was my bachelor pad next to my shop, and Mrs_Bastard went in to clean up a little and found her sitting room rug by this bay window was wet. Further inspection revealed that the room is being supported by the little more than the paint on the walls, and termites had even tunneled the drywall. I didn’t know they’d eat that shit. So… Mini-remodel at our shop house, thankfully our contractor rolled this cost into Casa_Del_Bastard. Never thought I’d see the crawl space from the dining room. Here they’ve replaced the liquified floor joists, they had been reduced to sawdust, water and termite shit in the shape of boards. They’re working to finish replacing it and spraying everything else inside and under the house. It could be worse… I could’ve sold CYTH at a crushing loss and bought BLIN! We don’t owe money on it thankfully, but our insurance won’t cover it, the extortionist fuckers.
@CMMI Damn my friend, so sorry. The shop house was built in 1957 and in rural Georgia there were no real building codes established so there was no vapor barrier and no treated lumber anywhere in the home. We’d owned it 15 years, but we’ve lived at the one we’re remodeling for the last 19 months and rarely go in this one. Until we decided to move in so the interior phase of our remodel can commence. Sorry you had to go through that. I keep telling myself that all sunshine all the time just makes a desert… but dude. There’s been a lot of rain lately.
@Rat_Bastard2 Yeah I'm hoping we got lucky and they only had a local nest on that area.. carpenter ants are not so tricky as termites since they don't use the structures as nutrition, they only carve and extend the nest up until certain point. I replaced whatever parts they had eaten and filled the hole with every ant repellent product I could find from the local store. Still need to hire an exterminator to get full picture how bad it is, I'll keep my fingers crossed. Termites are very uncommon in Finland but I've heard they can be real pain in the ass
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