@CMStewart Here we go with the “democrat” run cities... cities would be a problem for any party affiliation. How are those policies working out for “Republican run states”? Everything republican is about dismantling the social safety nets created to help those in need and reducing federal coordination. “Less government” they say. It doesn’t work. We need “medium government” to revamp the infrastructure, to help those who are already helping themselves, but are still in need. Trump did nothing for those people. Instead he served up tax cuts for the ultra-rich, and had “no government”, which worked out great to handle COVID 😷
@gilmeriken that’s not true at all. Trump gave tax cuts to bring career opportunities back to the American people. Under previous administrations, coorporations left and employed over seas. Leaving a huge gap, him giving incentives for them to bring those job opportunities put food on 100’s of 1000’s of people. Without those coorporations, people don’t have jobs. Statistics aren’t important to you& Feeling a certain way doesn’t make that reality. The reality is, democratic run cities keep their people in oppression. They take away job opportunities, they don’t clean up their cities, stealing tax payer dollars. Most inner cities don’t have sports leagues forkids who desperately need something to be passionate about. Trump did amazing things with the opioid crisis, child trafficking, job opportunities etc. democratic leaders have history of being narcissistic with limited morales.