$PCG 👎 No one wants this garbage As soon as the manipulation is complete by the exiting Hedge funds who lost Billions on this, 💩 THE STOCK WILL GO TO NOTHING ZERO; PENNIES AND THEN DISAPPEAR PS:?I wrote this after the market was closed so as not to cause anyone to be coerced into selling. Think hard about this criminal enterprise before you lose any more money. You could easily double your money on many other investments such as $FCEL @ $0.29 $JCP @ $0.42 - $0.56 and today $ASLN @ $1.18 selling twice at $2.45 - $3.45 So don’t get caught up in the PGE smoke and mirrors. YES I shorted it from $45 down to $11 ish and almost lost the farm. If you don’t have deep pockets, tons of experience and balls of steel, that was no trade for the timid. Take time and follow some leaders, doesn’t have to be me; there’s several out there. But NOT ONE has made any money going long on PGE; fund me one and I’d love to hear his story. Have a good day off
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