$SPY $QQQ $DIA $AMC $GME Feel very bad for the “traders” who put all their money into buying and selling individual stocks. They hand money over to the brokers in mass in the name of “revolution”. Did you know 90% of traders fail? And a large portion of brokers’ profits is betting the “other side of the trade”? But it is also their own fault.
@BullishOnAmerica @karsenogen @NewbieInvester I thought it was a cover... They actually lost 18 to 19% of their puts before they sold them on Tuesday and bought next week. Totally royally setting retail up to burn over $26 billion in theta burn last week.. They could have been included in today's market. Not giving slimy no work broker fatcat millionaires more money while the honest hardworking middle class struggle on $14 an hour. Damn it! Dark pools make this adulteration or dilution of the market possible by disallowing the public to see and meter the actual amount of trades live in the world... You can't meter what you can't measure.... So they have dark pools that trade about 15% of the daily total value of the market.... Imagine if that 3 billion + a day... On Wednesday it was 7.8 billion.... But imagine if that trading volume was ALL added to the normal market and we weren't just counting 75 % of the total trades. We should count all the trades! Make banks n funds transparent!