@MyFriendsCallMeAllState @Dfuru they ( below) work together to put the market where they want it.... You know how much wealth is lost on a crash.... Much! That's hard earned people's money! 401ks! The regulators and market are free allow these entities to act in the same ⬇️ direction but they only allow the world to see 75% of trades being averaged into the world market because of dark pool trading which is not transparent at all! These are the funds that planned to lose and are now losing billions. Not seen here below are The banks that bet against America are GS and CS. Gs facilitated cs.... They moved their puts to next week according to their open interest. And totally burned retail bears this week by being unfaithful to their own puts selling puts on their currently bought puts, but then they moved their puts to next week and screwed all retail bears this week... It's a timed bet and you know it! You may see epic margin calls this week! Never before seen... Lehman bros level.