$CCIV I’m here to inform some people about a penny stock with potential upside. The stock ticker is INKW and the company is Greene Concepts. Since the end of January the company has been trying to break into the Amazon marketplace to sell their product (water). However they just launched the product to buy on their website and proof of purchases and orders being received have been flowing in the past few days! With the company planning to doing both FBA and FBM, the product should be more readily available to those wanting to buy it through Amazon in the coming days and weeks. It’s only a matter of time before this alone catches the eyes of new customers and investors. If this all wasn’t good enough they have had plans to up list from pink into the OTCQB which would be huge and grab the attention of bigger investors. This isn’t financial advice so do your due diligence and you can see for yourself what the company has to offer and the future growth that is to come..