$CVM For Newbies . I was thinking about the trial parameters itself. I would like some feed back on this point. Since the trial was not time based but event driven. Do you believe that this is extremely significant in estimating the possibility of success? If the trial was time driven would it not be more difficult to estimate success even with the IDMC suggestion to move forward or end the trial? Because the trial was event driven would it be a bit easier for the IDMC to make a recommendation because would it not be simple math because no one would know when the trial would end? My point is, the IDMC saying to continue the trial in Sept and March before the trial ended ,should it be a heavy positive and tip the possibility of success a great deal? Because since the trial when much longer, how could it be a close decision by the IDMC to continue the trial? in regards to dropouts again if it caused a real concern to suggest to move the trial foward, IMDC would have said so?
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