$BBIG BEARS/SHORTS: You know I’m logical. I’m not a hype machine. And evidently, I’m pissing off plenty of bulls the past week or two. But anyone bearish/shorting has to know market makers are not going to pay for that dividend. Sure, the stock price may continue to go down so market makers are accumulating. And anyone shorting from ATH have likely made a nice chunk of money. Kudos to you. But once a record date is officially know, I imagine the market makers slowly begin to cover as the date gets closer. Why would shorts pay the dividend? They’re accumulating so they can cover for cheap, ride it up for profits, and have a shit ton of free money via crypt Tyde shares. Please. Tell me I’m wrong if you can, but I imagine retail bears begin covering as soon as market makers begin to. It takes months to walk down a stock, yet it takes 2-3 days to hit new ATH. I’m patient and separate the company and stock price. Anyone holding will end up alright in the end 🤷‍♂️