$BBIG I can’t stress it enough. If you don’t know what the “basket meme theory” is, look it up. If you haven’t read any of Laser’s posts on the BBIG Reddit, go read it now. Stop asking for people to just give you all the answers because it helps you understand the logic and explanation behind these opinions. And the proof is strong. Laser called the drop to $3.08 three weeks ago. He called meme stocks being hammered down hard on 11/23 - they were. Us twice as bad because of the attempt to create a fake selloff based on the conference call. But 11/24-12/9 is expected to run to new ATHs based on the basket meme theory which is shown in this chart that every 56 days from the peak and getting slaughtered down, a new, higher run begins. IF you want legitimate encouragement that is supported, seriously go read Laser’s posts on Reddit right now.