$BBIG 56 day pattern/basket meme theory for those unfamiliar with Laser’s DD on Reddit. He’s been calling it for weeks now. Even told people to prepare for the $3.08 gap down 3 weeks ago. Every 56 days, this runs to new highs and then gets pushed back down. And the pattern once again has been spot on. We will be mocked/insulted for a Green Day regardless of how small. But this is a 2 week window until 12/9. It takes weeks/months to walk a stock down and only 2-3 days to send it back to ATHs. Per the pattern, today was the start of the reversal. Enjoy the small gains. They will be leading to bigger gains. Plenty of retail bulls and bears. I genuinely hope the retail shorts here made some meaningful profits. Kudos to them. Now I genuinely believe the bulls will see profits by 12/9. Life changing hopefully 🤞