$SPY $DWAC Remember when President Trump was in office snd no one dared to do anything against America? They feared our strong, smart leader. Now we have a guy who belongs in a nursing home in the WH and no one fears him because he is weak and dumb. WE MUST BRING BACK PRESIDENT TRUMP!
@CachorroRoxo @ScammyShammy yeah it’s almost as if it’s worse to lie about critical information related to a rapidly approaching once in a century pandemic you only know about because your aide speaks Mandarin and has contacts in Wuhan saying how bad it was and that it was spreading out faster the the Chinese government was saying. Trump lied and thousands of Americans died needlessly because of it. Now do your little whataboutism and keep running defense for a guy who wouldn’t pee on you if you were on fire
@FuzzyDunlop @CachorroRoxo @ScammyShammy So, 'what about' the fact that more people have died from COVID under Biden's leadership while Biden has had the benefit of a prevalance of vaccines and new therapeutics, an abundance of PPE, and vaccine mandates? Didn't he promise that he was going to 'shut down the virus'? Geee, seems like it's a force of nature, or purposefully engineered weapon that cannot be controlled by policy. Isn't that interesting.