BUY THE CRAP OUT OF $UBER! 349 institutions increased positions vs. 54 institutions decreasing holdings. short thesis case study from $TSLA shorts: 'negative loses per quarter'. $TSLA shorts got destroyed. Same $TSLA shorts are short $UBER. data > opinions. look at loss minus the stock compensation expenses for actual loss numbers b/c those represent the majority of the expenses & are not recurring expenses. those expenses have significantly come down from 3.9b in q2 to just 401m in q3. q2 5.236b loss - 3.9b(stock compensation exp.)= 1.336b actual losses q3 1.2b loss- 401m(stock com. exp.)= 799m actual losses 1.336b- 799m = 537m improvement in earnings q/q due to increases in revenue from 2.873b(q2 adjusted net revenue) to 3.533b(q3 anr). 23% growth. simple math is telling you breakeven is just right around the corner. market is forward looking. BUY!
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