To all my followers, I appreciate the follows. I will navigate you through this crisis, but when it is over I will stop posting again, and resume my work on my start up. It is now evident that all this volatility was due to a distressed credit market exacerbated by hedge fund and mutual fund blowups/liquidations that were forced to sell positions driving prices to extremes. THIS IS AN OPPORTUNITY. Though you may not time the exact bottom if you buy quality stocks here that I have mentioned especially in the hard hit industries, you will likely return 200-500% in a year or so. DO NOT use heavy margin until a bounce and a retest of these lows come. The steps in what the government is now doing to combat covid-19 is extreme but should be applauded as these extreme measures are likely to help kickstart a Vshape recovery in the economy towards the 2nd half of the year. $SPY $QQQ $XLF $UBER $LYFT
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