The strategy going forward is simple if you want to outperform. Buy a basket of all the hard hit stocks in 3-5 industries like travel (rideshare, car rentals, airlines, cruise, hotels), casinos, financials, energy, restaurants, etc. These sectors will have favorable treatment from the govt and banks and since interest rates are now at their lowest refinancing loans will be easier, so any stresses in their credit will be easier to navigate. The losses in earnings the first half of the year will be temporary and these stocks will start to recover towards their precorona virus highs. The major factors for GDP growth is here: 1. Labor (check) 2. Capital (check, the Fed has provided ample liquidity) 3. Technology (check) 4. Natural Resources (check) 5. Social and Political Factors (check, Extreme and expansionary fiscal policies as well as two capitalists as presidential candidates) $SPY $QQQ $XLF $UBER $BABA BUY BUY BUY
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