$MARA $HUT $BITF $MARA shares should comfortably double within the next ten mths, and possibly a whole lot more dependent upon your opinion of the worth of bitcoin They are on track to attain 8.0 EX/s at year end rising to 9.5 EX/s in Jan 2022, and then onward to 13.3 EX/s by mid-year. That’s a 536% increase in just a year from end Q2 level of 2.09 EX/s, and its able to do this by being SMART and solely investing in mining rigs rather than messing about like most other miners in building infrastructure. This gives it greater flexibility, agility and far higher returns on invested capital. But above all it means they can scale with speed which most other miners can’t. And this is vital in this industry, when success means staying well ahead of the global hashrate curve So for instance whilst other miners are struggling to build and scale small facilities their deal with ComputeNorth in Texas gave them an immediate 300MW+ with zero capital expenditure