$NKLA You shorts ever think what the worst case scenario for this stock is? What the hell is the sec going to do? Close down the company because they have legitimate trucks that work, cash, partners that support the company, and shareholders that support the stock? Fraud has to be if they misappropriate funds or misstated financials, and they haven't. And who have they deceived? The partners that they work with, that supports the company, and have minority stakes in the company? Seriously tell me what the sec is going to do in a worst case scenario? They can't shut down the company. Only one calling Nikola fraud is Hindenburg. The partners nor the shareholders don't even feel defrauded. They've come out to support the company. This is stupid stuff by Hindenburg and even more stupid if you think there was fraud or the company will be shut down. NOTHING WILL HAPPEN
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